(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
Formulated scheme for getting something done
1. plan, scheme, design, project, undertaking; aim, intention; proposal, proposition, suggestion; resolution, resolve, motion; precaution, provision, preparation, calculation, meditation; operation, method, way, setup, custom, modus operandi. See order.
2. cartography, chorography, topography, hydrography.
3. (drawn plan)
a. sketch, skeleton, outline, draft, diagram, blueprint, layout, schematic; architecture; delineation, pattern, format, representation, specifications, tabulation; chart, cartogram, chorograph, map, graph, atlas; bar graph, pie or circle chart, flip chart, flow chart, Gantt chart, bathtub curve; cylindrical or conic projection, equal-area projection, homolosine projection.
b. graticule, great circle, grid, hachure, isobar, isobath, iso-clinic line, isoglass, isogonic line.
4. (written plan) program, prospectus, syllabus, forecast, card, bill; protocol, order of the day, agenda; procedure, course, plank, platform; strategy, regime, line of conduct, game plan, campaign; budget.
5. (clever plan) contrivance, invention, idea, conception, expedient, recipe, formula, nostrum; artifice, device, stratagem, ploy; trick (see cunning); alternative, loophole, makeshift; last resort, fall-back; ace in the hole, card up one's sleeve. Informal, dodge. Slang, gadget, gimmick, finagling, shtick. See instrumentality, imagination.
6. (evil plan) plot, intrigue, cabal, counterplot, countermine, conspiracy, machination, collusion. Slang, racket.
7. (one who plans) schemer, strategist, machinator, tactician; planner, architect, promoter, organizer, designer; conspirator, plotter, conniver, dreamer, Machiavelli; junto, cabal (see party).
1. plan, scheme; design, frame, diagram, sketch, map, lay off, delineate, figure, represent.
2. contrive, project, schedule, forecast, aim, propose, suggest, premeditate, spring a project; devise, invent, concoct; chalk, cut, lay, block, or map out, blueprint, lay down a plan; shape, mark, or set a course; [pre]concert, preestablish, prepare; study, calculate, formulate, work out, envision, contemplate, cogitate, digest, mature, resolve, intend, destine, provide, take steps or measures; [re]cast, systematize, organize, arrange; hatch [a plot], plot, brew, counterplot, intrigue; machinate, incubate, rig, conspire. Informal, cook up, have something on. Slang, wheel and deal.
1. planned, arranged, etc.; on the table, on the agenda, laid out, under consideration; premeditated, deliberate, purposed, meant, intended, intentional.
2. planning, strategic[al], systematic, schematic; conspiratorial, scheming, designing (see cunning); slated for. Informal, in the works, put-up.
Antonyms, see chance.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [A preliminary sketch]
Syn. draft, diagram, map, chart, delineation, time line, design, blueprint, outline, representation, form, drawing, view, projection, rough draft, road map*; see also design 1 , sketch 1 .
2. [A proposed sequence of action]
Syn. scheme, project, design, outline, program, idea, conception, flow chart, projection, undertaking, method, system, tactics, procedure, treatment, intention, purpose, proposal, policy, course of action, plot, conspiracy, strategy, stratagem, arrangement, way of doing things, itinerary, prospectus, blueprint, schema, scenario, game plan*; see also program 2 , purpose 1 .
3. [Arrangement]
Syn. layout, method, disposition; see order 3 .
Syn.- plan refers to any detailed method or program, formulated beforehand, for doing or making something [ vacation plans] ; design stresses an intention to achieve a deSired effect and implies the use of skill or craft, sometimes in an unfavorable sense, in arranging this [ it was his design to separate us ] ; project suggests an ambitious or extensive plan calling for enterprise or effort, and may refer either to the proposal or to the final outcome [ a research project] ; scheme often connotes either an impractical, visionary plan or an underhanded intrigue [ a scheme to embezzle the funds ] v.
1. [To plot an action in advance]
Syn. prepare, scheme, devise, invent, outline, project, contrive, shape, design, map, plot, form a plan, think out, engineer, figure on, figure for, intrigue, conspire, frame, concoct, steer one's course, set guidelines, establish parameters, work up, work out, line up, plan an attack, come through, calculate on, be at, make arrangements, put up a job, reckon on, ready up, take measures, lay in provisions, bargain for, cook up*, fix to*, fix for*, pack the deal*, bore from within*, dope out*, put on ice*.
2. [To arrange in a preliminary way]
Syn. outline, draft, sketch, lay out, map out, organize, prepare a sketch, chart, map, draw, trace, design, illustrate, depict, delineate, represent, shape, preprint, chalk out, rough in, block out, block in.
3. [To have in mind]
Syn. propose, think, purpose; see intend 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
scheme, strategy, design, outline, idea, plot, course, agenda, schedule, program, proposal, blueprint, scenario, intention.
1. scheme design, outline, plot, set agenda, work out, schedule, program, propose, blueprint, organize, draft, project, map out, ready.
2. intend aim, mean, count on, propose.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun 1. A method for making, doing, or accomplishing something: blueprint, design, game plan, idea, layout, project, schema, scheme, strategy. See PLANNED. 2. A method used in dealing with something: approach, attack, course, line, modus operandi, procedure, tack, technique. See MEANS. 3. Systematic arrangement and design: method, order, orderliness, organization, pattern, system, systematization, sys-temization. See ORDER. II verb 1. To form a strategy for: blueprint, cast, chart, conceive, contrive, design, devise, formulate, frame, lay1, project, scheme, strategize, work out. Informal: dope out. Idiom: lay plans. See PLANNED. 2. To have in mind as a goal or purpose: aim, contemplate, design, intend, mean1, project, propose, purpose, target. Regional: mind. See PLANNED, PURPOSE. 3. To set the time for (an event or occasion): schedule, time. See TIME. 4. To work out and arrange the parts or details of: blueprint, design, lay out, map (out), set out. See PLANNED.

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